Fineblanking is a stamping process that produces a part that more closely resembles a machined part in appearance and dimensional tolerance.  Utilizing a triple action press and compound die construction, in either a single station or progressive die design, stampings which typically would require at least secondary machining operations are blanked with smooth edges (no die break) and accurate net shapes.  The ability to confine the material allows for stamping of parts with small holes (relative to material thickness), minimal edge distances and difficult shapes with smaller radii than conventional stamping.  The robust nature of the process also allows for coining of material thickness, joggles, upset features such as buttons and will still maintain superior flatness. A wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials can be fineblanked.  In general the more ductile the material is, the more applicable to the process it will be, allowing for more intricate shapes and greater thickness to be blanked.